ArtIsInFormation is a communication solutions provider based in Austin Texas. Delivering professional information and multimedia services, including: digital motion/audio production, web presence design, analysis & reporting, and custom technology solutions.

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Film/Audio Production
Custom Media
Web Presence Design
Tailored Technology Solutions
Mapping and Presentations
Analysis, Consultancy, and Reporting

Over fifteen years of experience working with organizations, public education, businesses, and private citizens to accomplish global and local communications strategies. For more information or to inquire about possible collaborations, Connect with us.

Collaborating across disciplines to facilitate the creation of art and information. Let us help you accomplish your personal, organizational, or other professional communications objectives. If you would like to share your work, become a contributor, or present a collaborative opportunity, Submit Art Here
A single node in the vast abyss disseminating information about art, beauty, creation, society, and the environment. Become a contributor and help us build a public intelligence network. Share a part of your imagination!

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Film, Communications, Multimedia