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Green Dining

community garden

Farm Garden


Green Services


Recycle Center

community center

Unity Center


Home Develop


Tech Center


Organic Market


Art Market

Art Service

Thrift Shop

Thrift Shop

Health & Human Services

Health Services

Austin Sites

Site Seeing


About this Project

To map developments, resources, and other critical environmental intelligence within local communities in order to promote trusted networks, resiliency and connectivity. Maps are the answer to a critical question: “What is in my environment?” The purpose of the Austin Explorer is to realize and share the information that fosters resiliency of our shared habitats and local relationships.
  • Organic Food and Farming 
  • Community and Technology Centers 
  • Community Developments
  • Local Resources and Services
  • Emergency Preparation and Management
Interested in communicating about resources, services, or tools for sustainable living, efficient dwellings, local art, subject matter expertise, or other location based information? Add a location to the Austin Explorer map, or leave us some information about your cause.


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