Awe New Mexico

Anon E. Moose The Art, Written or Spoken Word

ArtIsInFormation in the Jemez Mountains New Mexico. Something exists that is so potent and natural, that you will be compelled forth into the forrest, and emerge transported.

High in the Jemez mountains, night was falling and we were four, feeling frisky to foray into the forest. Rocky peaks. Mossy meadows. Lost and lonely streams seeming seemly, freely streaming. Wispy trails and dreaming. Whispers of healing waters, where wonderers hike hoping hot-spring are real, if rare and thank you please no bears. None would back away from the chance at adventure and bliss, even if that meant hours searching this bat country, up and down and up and up the steep terrain and winding mountain passes. Alas, there was no future without the feel of 98 degree hot-spring water as our past.

Thanks for the memories, those not long lasting, infinite moments. From a (not so) secret location in New Mexico.