FireDance – Visual Musicality For Your Day

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Some visual musicality for your day 🔥🎵 Watch the FireDance to the music as visual filters warp and twist the light; or turn down the volume and put on your own favorite track! Film and Music by ArtIsInFormation S.Sunderland on Electric Keys Leica 42.5mm f/1.2 DG Nocticron Electribe2 / Kaossilator In Order of Appearance: Flores de Fogo by Chico Conclave with E.Warlock Explodies …

Album Cover Art

Anon E. Moose The Art

The lost art of album covers is brought to you by ArtIsInFormation designs in vivid detail, with the help of SoundSpectrum visuals ( Here are some more samplings from my Instagram feed:

Mantiques Collectables


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Ever wander into one of those places that captures your imagination, as well as your entire afternoon? Located in Fremont CA., Mantiques carries oddities, rarities, and estranged commodities; it’s essentially a “needful things” store, without the curses! If you ever find yourself in the bay area of San Francisco, this part of Niles Blvd is full of antiquities and unique local establishments. …

Data Glass

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It takes patience and dedication to learn the mysteries of glass manipulation. Borosilicate glass is one of the hardest and most durable materials around, and nothing sums up its beauty like the refined touch of an experienced flame worker. The process of creating a glass sphere has it’s own unique challenges and pleasures, from the creation of a perfect convex …

Presenting RabCup – 3D Projection Mapping, Holographic Art

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RabCup is a 3D projection mapping, holographic art, and visual solutions company with over 20 years of production experience. It was my pleasure to be a part of designing and implementing their digital face to the world wide web, as they collaborate to create breathtaking and surreal environments. RabCup premiered their professional design services in Las Vegas, at Live Design International (LDI) 2015. My favorite …