Critical Moments in Time

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State of Emergency Called in Ferguson after Gunfire Mars Protests

“Get to the Sidewalk or Face Arrest” – “My son was running to the police to ask for help, and he was shot,” he said. “It’s all a bunch of lies … They’re making my son look like a criminal.”

ferguson police protests

Google Creates Alphabet, a New Company to Rule Them All – GIZMODO

Here Comes Bernie – “no other candidate can come even close to the size of his crowds or the clarity, passion and idealism of his message”

EPA Admits Spilling Millions Of Gallons Of Toxic Waste Into Colorado River – Stunning Aerial Footage

The Sad Truth About the State of the Financial System Today


How to Criminalize the Freedom of the Press – “Reporting on military operations can be very similar to collecting intelligence or even spying,” it continues. “A journalist who acts as a spy may be subject to security measures and punished if captured.”

DIGITAL TAKEOVER: Online news overtakes TV… 71% mags lose subscribers…