refugee project data visualization

Data Visualization is Key – The Refugee Project

Anon E. Moose War and Poverty

Data visualizations are cool. This map will likely interest you if you care about people or you are alive today trying to figure out what the world even is. Something is happening around the planet. It’s happening just about everywhere people live, and at an increasing pace. The map below was provided by The Refugee Project, a collaboration between Hyperakt and Ekene Ijeoma, using UNHCR  data …

Awe New Mexico

Anon E. Moose The Art, Written or Spoken Word

ArtIsInFormation in the Jemez Mountains New Mexico. Something exists that is so potent and natural, that you will be compelled forth into the forrest, and emerge transported. High in the Jemez mountains, night was falling and we were four, feeling frisky to foray into the forest. Rocky peaks. Mossy meadows. Lost and lonely streams seeming seemly, freely streaming. Wispy trails …

free music tunr visualizer

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Anon E. Moose Artisan Feed, Music

If you love music and/or have a mind that is capable of seeing far into the future, you should know about Tunr: a Powerful, Artistic, and Free music player, podcaster, internet radio, visualizer, and multi-source audio browser. It’s is like nothing you have ever seen or used… unless you have seen and used it, and then you know what I’m …

FireDance – Visual Musicality For Your Day

Anon E. Moose Music, The Art

Some visual musicality for your day 🔥🎵 Watch the FireDance to the music as visual filters warp and twist the light; or turn down the volume and put on your own favorite track! Film and Music by ArtIsInFormation S.Sunderland on Electric Keys Leica 42.5mm f/1.2 DG Nocticron Electribe2 / Kaossilator In Order of Appearance: Flores de Fogo by Chico Conclave with E.Warlock Explodies …

Album Cover Art

Anon E. Moose The Art

The lost art of album covers is brought to you by ArtIsInFormation designs in vivid detail, with the help of SoundSpectrum visuals ( Here are some more samplings from my Instagram feed:

Time Race

Waldon Brandisher Written or Spoken Word

This time race race to collapse to face to face to dirt and ash The illuminating journey beyond measure returning frequently replenishing not often enduring Species conjuring a sea of commissions self serving omissions and a free opposition – still – in existence Whether resistant or weather conditioned An invasion of the mind Space and time stretched over the tip …

Mantiques Collectables


Anon E. Moose The Art

Ever wander into one of those places that captures your imagination, as well as your entire afternoon? Located in Fremont CA., Mantiques carries oddities, rarities, and estranged commodities; it’s essentially a “needful things” store, without the curses! If you ever find yourself in the bay area of San Francisco, this part of Niles Blvd is full of antiquities and unique local establishments. …