Show of Force

Anon E. Moose Consciousness

“I just got pulled over by a tank, I’m still in shock.”

What will be immediately obvious to most is that it’s not ACTUALLY a tank, but that’s not really the point is it? A veteran in Gainesville FL. was pulled over, by cops wearing military fatigues, body armor, and rolling around in a rebranded military armored personnel carrier, for executing an improper hand signal (middle finger). As though that wasn’t enough to justify pulling him over, just for good measure, the initiating cop decided he was also conducting an investigation of an alleged fellatio performance going on in the suspect vehicle (a clear violation of national security).

But they do have a tank over in Jefferson County CO., where apparently there is a major conflict over who’s pot brownies are really the best </sarc>.

M113A1 Armored Personnel Carrier (pretending to be a sheriff’s vehicle)

Ok, right… that is not a tank either. FOX31 in Denver calls it “military-style hardware”, as though you can just rebrand actual military hardware (used on the front lines in Vietnam) for the streets of suburban communities.

Maybe this is a tank though?

arpaio tank

Or maybe this?

There’s plenty more examples, if one cared to conduct a search. All of this is being enabled by the “1033 Program“, which allows the continued supplying of this type of equipment to police units around the U.S.