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If you love music and/or have a mind that is capable of seeing far into the future, you should know about Tunr: a Powerful, Artistic, and Free music player, podcaster, internet radio, visualizer, and multi-source audio browser. It’s is like nothing you have ever seen or used… unless you have seen and used it, and then you know what I’m talking about.

We are developing Tunr (currently an iOS app) as a community oriented artistic media player for music and information. We host open protocols, have one of the largest available catalogs of totally free audio content, and we are experimenting with some ground breaking tech; an alternative to the standard “gate-keeper” business model.

Are you a musician, producer, or visual artist? We want to listen to you and get your content in Tunr, on the ground floor. Perhaps you’re in Tunr already via one of our supported music providers. Let’s start a conversation!

Open Protocols
-3000+ Podcast Shows (music, news, entertainment)
-300 Internet Radio Stations
4 Top Steaming Music Providers
-not an app launcher, a multi-source player/visualizer
Music Library access
Audio Reactive Visuals… Tunr has Art, not ads

Have you tried Tunr yet? What do you think? If you have, and want it to bling, please let me know via the comments! There are a limited number of promo codes to give away to the readers here, including some Full-Spectrum Visuals Bundles.

Tunr will profoundly enhance the way you can access and discover music, and we are dedicated to keeping it free, ad-free, and ready to stream. If you think this project is worth supporting, we hope you can take the time to let other folks know about this unique and free innovation in the digital music space. We are also looking for others that get this project and want to be involved (hiring soon, resumes welcome). Contact tunr{at}

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Thanks so much and we look forward to hearing from you!

Drew & Brandon